DELL Inspiron 6400 Battery

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DELL Inspiron 6400 Battery

Replacement Laptop Battery for dell Inspiron 6400 6 Cell 11.1V 4400mAh Black #Inspiron 6400

  • Battery Type:Li-ion
    Battery Cells:6 Cells
    Dimension:209.50 x 72.40 x 23.30mm
  • Choose Capacity: 4400mAh

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    Condition:Brand New - 2 Year Warranty, 60 Days Money Back
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    Model No.:DELL Inspiron 6400
    Voltage: 11.1V
    Category: Laptop Batteries
    Brand Series:DELL
    Cells:6 cells
    Warranty:2-Year Warranty
    Battery Life:2hr ~ 5hr
    Dimensions:209.50 x 72.40 x 23.30mm

    If your original DELL Inspiron 6400 laptop battery refuses to work anymore, you need to buy yourself a brand new DELL Inspiron 6400 Battery with cheap price and longer life. We manufacture laptop battery with the best components and parts available. is always dedicated to offering the perfect replacement for your DELL Inspiron 6400 laptop computer.

    • 1. 1:1 copy Appearance
    • Our Replacement Inspiron 6400 DELL battery is based on the original size 1:1, exactly the same size with the original. It's equipped with the original circuit design, original technology, the new stable performance, and long standby time.
    • 2. Rugged housing and fine texture
    • High temperature proof Wear-resistant ABS + PC alloy casting
    • A 330g laptop battery is light enough for you to carry around.
    • Check carefully if the voltage 11.1V of our battery matches the voltage of your own.
    • Li-ion and Ni-MH laptop battery NEVER can be interchanged.
    • Apply grade A 6 cells with our DELL Inspiron 6400 laptop battery.
    • 4400mAh capacity battery is certain to meet or surpass your original.
    • 100% compatible with the original laptop.
    • Provide distinguishing discharge function.
    • Equipped with inbuilt over-voltage, over-current, over-charge and short-circuit protection.
    • Meet with many certifications such as FCC, UL, CE and RoHS.
    • Outstanding design for perfectly fit.
    • Guarantee a 60-Day Money Back Policy.
    • Offer a 2-Year Warranty for supplier's defects.

      This DELL Inspiron 6400 Battery can replace the following model numbers:

    • Inspiron 1501
    • Inspiron 6400
    • Inspiron E1501
    • Inspiron E1505
    • Latitude 131L
    • Vostro 1000

      This DELL Inspiron 6400 Battery can replace the following part numbers:

    • 0GD761
    • 0KD476
    • 0PD942
    • 0PD945
    • 0PD946
    • 0RD850
    • 0RD857
    • 0RD859
    • 0TD344
    • 0TD347
    • 0TD349
    • 0UD260
    • 0UD264
    • 0UD265
    • 0UD267
    • 451-10338
    • CR174
    • HJ588
    • HJ607
    • HK421
    • JN149
    • MJ365
    • NR147
    • PY961
    • TM777
    • TM787
    • TM795
    • TX280
    • UY628
    • XU863
    • XU882
    • 312-0427
    • 312-0428
    • 312-0460
    • 312-0461
    • 312-0466
    • 312-0467
    • 312-0599
    • 312-0600
    • 451-10339
    • 451-10424
    • 451-10482
    • GD761
    • KD476
    • PD942
    • PD945
    • PD946
    • PR002
    • RD850
    • RD855
    • RD857
    • RD859
    • TD344
    • TD347
    • TD349
    • UD260
    • UD264
    • UD265
    • UD267
    • XU937

    Q: How to make a new DELL Inspiron 6400 notebook pc battery life longer?


  • 1.please use it until power below 10%. Then turn off the machine for 12 hours to fully activate the lithium ion to the maximum capacity. 3 charge and discharge cycles is OK.
  • 2. A new laptop battery life is around 800 charge cycles. Do not plug and unplug the adapter repeatedly with a battery in. It will damage your battery cells.
  • 3. Please maintain your battery in a proper way when it's not used. Don't put it near humidity or heat. A ventilated place is ideal for it. The battery must be kept with power in it. Do charge and discharge your battery once every month or so. Keep the power at about 50%.
  • 4. CPU processing speed is affected by battery life, applications, screen brightness, wireless devices, external ports, and other factors. So the actual battery life may be different with the same type of battery.
  • 5. Due to the physical characteristics, the battery is consumable. It will be affected by the number of times the battery is used, the temperature and users's usage habits.
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    1. Just as advertised

      Posted by Rosalinda on 26th Jul 2013

      Worked like a champ on the Dell laptop, and we received it quickly. Packing was great also. Just as advertised

    2. This battery works great

      Posted by Fredrick on 25th Jun 2013

      This battery works great. Charges up with the standard Dell charger, and gives me 3-plus hours of run time.
      great battery, great price.

    3. The battery came fast

      Posted by Ted on 30th May 2013

      The battery came fast and it is working like a charm. Currently i'm getting around 3-4 hours when using it for web browsing and schoolwork on my Dell Inspiron 6400. I couldn't ask for more!

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